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IGL Design
IGL Design

Ingrid Glaser

the founder and designer

Since 1990, the artist has gone through several creative stages.  The first period was devoted to lithographs, color prints from several engraved copper plates.   This urged her to  express her imagination in large oil paintings.  Their realistic subjects in turn developed into simple abstract shapes that foreshadowed her glass creations.  She strove to express emotions in color of heavy polychromatic glass sculptures, hand-blown at the renowned North Bohemian glass works Ajeto.  Among the motives she explored in several modifications was the perfect egg shape, the symbol of the new birth.

In her current creative phase, the artist is inspired by the beauty, power, and endurance of thoroughbred horses–a full circle return to a subject she explored in college.  This development was triggered by a commission for a 2012 calendar design.  A wide horseshoe curve composed from typographical shapes of Arabic figures acquired larger philosophical dimensions and became a basis for a new jewellery and accessory collection exploring numerical combinations. Jewellery represents our new iconographic footprint in the current digital world.  The roots of artist’s inspiration reach to the 1930s functionalist philosophy of clean geometrical shape with a defined function.




Mgr in Film Animation, The Academy of Applied Arts,  Prague.

Postgradual studies, The School of Graphic Technics, The Ritveld Academy, Amsterdam.

My motto:  The best part of my life is creativity and a joy of new challenges.

Ingrid Glaserová has exhibited all over the world, and her artworks in all previous media are in private and public collections.

IGL Design